My name is Bob Sharpe.  I work remotely as a Corporate Recruiting Manager for a Healthcare IT company based in Dallas, Texas.  I also ride a bike pretty much every day and not just a little.  I average over 12,000 miles per year..   A lot of it has been in the Iowa Outback (gravel) and across the Great Plains to the foot of the Rockies.  These places are far from the maddening crowds.  People ask me why I do it.  The short answer is that it’s fun.  I like it.

On top of Colorado National Monument. I like to climb.

I ride in big cities, too…on pavement.  In the last few years I’ve ridden in cities as large and unique as Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh.  I currently live in rural Iowa.  Lots of folks think that small towns in the middle of America are flat and boring.  To me, living here is a little like living in a Dutch or Danish village.  It’s not really flat because of the nearby river valley, and it’s certainly not boring.  It’s possible to cycle everywhere here and so I do.  So does my wife.

I’m passionate about the power of cycling to fix a lot of converging problems we face as a people.   Healthcare?  We consume too much of it and so the law of supply and demand suggests that prices are going to rise.  Ride a bike every day and you’ll consume less.   Infrastructure?  Roads are expensive and heavy vehicles wear them out.  Bikes…not so much.   I could go on and on.   Add it all up and it is not insignificant.

I am a Bike League Certified Instructor (LCI 4661).  I teach people how to ride safely and with confidence no matter who they have to share the road with.  I am available to speak to government officials, leaders of civic organizations and corporate executives who want to grow and provide a better way forward for the people they lead.  If that’s you, I’d love to chat.  Call me on my cell (515.298.9590) if you’d like.  Leave a message if I don’t answer and I’ll follow up.   If you rather, you can fill out the form here.  I’ll never share your information with 3rd parties without your express permission.  Thank you, Bob