Expert Testimony

I’ve logged over 50,000 miles as a cyclist.  I’ve cycled everywhere from busy city streets and highways to lonely country lanes, both paved and unpaved and just about everything in between.  My travels have taken me from coast to coast and so I’ve had the opportunity to cycle in many states.  As a League of American Bicyclists Certified Cycling Instructor, I am familiar with state laws as they pertain to cyclists.  I teach others how to cycle safely in a variety of traffic situations.  We follow these laws every time we get on the bike.

If you’ve been injured or have a bicycle-related case and need an expert witness, please consider using my services.  I am knowledgeable and present well.  More importantly, I am believable.

I’m available on an hourly, per diem or fixed rate anywhere in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) with reasonable notice.  If you’re interested or in need of my services, please reach out directly at 515.298.9590 or complete the form below and I will circle back with you.